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Prepare For Cute! The Tanuki Teakettle Arrives
by Snowduck

After the results for our Miniboss Voting competition were clear, we've been hard at work to make this furry little creature into an actual Miniboss. And now, the wait is over!

Go see the Tanuki Teakettle in action in our IndieDB article, Cuteness Comes in a Kettle!

We also wrote a cute little short story about the origins of this teakettled furball, so be sure to click on the button on the right or just click here to read it!

The Grand Mini-boss Voting Competition!
by Killerchibi

We need your help! The Gates of Tranquility is still missing a really important element: a mini-boss!

Now's your chance to vote for your favorite creature for a mini-boss, or submit your own creation to the competition! Read the details in our IndieDB article, The Grand Mini-boss Voting Competition!

But be quick... The voting ends on May 30th at 9:00 CET!

Hide! The monsters, they are coming!
by Killerchibi

There's a huge group of monsters on the move, and they seem to be coming from the direction of the Gates of Tranquility... That must mean that the stage 2 of the Shadows of Vaniria campaign is here!

Go and read all the juicy details in our article, Shadows of Vaniria Stage Preview: The Gates of Tranquility!

New Gameplay Feature: The Emotion System
by Snowduck

We're finally revealing one of the new key gameplay elements in Corona's Shadows of Vaniria campaign: The Emotion System!

Find out what to look out for in our latest IndieDB article, Overloading Vaniria's Emotions!

Designing Corona's Characters
by Killerchibi

Ha haa! I secretly wrote a little article on IndieDB about character design this week, because Snowduck seemed to be too busy programming something really shady... anyway... go and read The Mysteries of Character Design in Corona!

There is also a little sneak peek about some new characters in the article...

Introducing: Vaniria, The Treasure Hunter!
by Snowduck

Shockingly pink hair, a bright smile and a keen look in the eye...

Vaniria, the new main character of Corona's second campaign, Shadows of Vaniria, is here! Read all about this little Treasure Hunter in our Indie DB article, Introducing The New Main Character: Vaniria!

Corona Radiance now up for grabs!
by Snowduck

So far, Corona has been exclusively available for the Windows Phone. No more! Corona's Development build, titled Corona Radiance, has now been released and can be downloaded on IndieDB!

Read all the details and how to install and download the game from our article, Want to Play Corona Now? Corona Radiance for Windows Is Here!

Corona Sales and Downloads in the Windows Phone Store
by Snowduck

We got the download and sales statistics of the Windows Phone 7 version of Corona. We were surprised to find out that the game has a life of its own there!

Read more in our article, Corona's Heartbeat (Also Known As Download Statistics)!

Articles Particles
by Killerchibi

We've been busy writing articles for our IndieDB site lately. Now you can find out who we are, by reading our member introduction!

Or if you're not too interested in us, you can read about what we're doing instead in the article about Corona's current state!

Corona now back on track
by Snowduck

Corona is now being actively resurrected as a brand-new PC game, and makes its appearance in Indie DB!

All kinds of strange glitches, placeholders and old information can still be find lying around on the site, but bear with us! We'll be updating the site along with our Indie DB profile actively over the upcoming months!

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